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Topun pharmaceutical semi annual conference (2015)

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Saving energy and reducing consumption and scientific research leading innovation management



    On July 29, Du Bang pharmaceutical 2015 semi annual work conference successfully held in the company conference room on the third floor, meeting to "energy saving, leading the research, innovation and management" as the theme.
The meeting of the comprehensive summary of the results and the progress of the company 2015 on the first half of the work of, in-depth analysis of the existing problems, and the orderly conduct of the work of the second half of the full deployment. All departments in the form of PPT for the system, the Department of work and the work of the Department of parallel and the work of the second half of the year to carry out a comprehensive analysis and reporting. After each department report, will take questions, discussions and other forms of specific implementation. This provides a strong guarantee for the effect of the meeting and landing.
At the meeting, Liu Xingcai, chairman, said at the time of our achievements, but also to clearly see the existence of the problem, but the problem is not terrible, terrible is not aware of the seriousness of the problem. Especially in the current infusion products under the influence of the environment, the risk of infusion products, sales also appear difficult, but we still have to face the difficulties and overcome the difficulties. Challenges and crisis co-exist, how to seize opportunities in the face of the crisis, is the priority among priorities in the second half of our state.
Finally, Secretary Dong Hui pointed out that in the second half we will continue to focus on the new version of the GMP management system, all work to establish standards, combined with the actual, according to the standard operation of the production of drugs, reduce quality risk. We must recognize the current economic situation, and strive to do all the work, and actively respond to. In the second half of the year, we should adhere to the scientific concept of development, full participation in training to improve their comprehensive ability, continuous innovation, by continuing to improve itself, to improve the management and service level, in a crisis seek survival and development.
Meeting for a period of two days, the shareholders of the company, senior management, the department manager attended the meeting.

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