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Safety is the red line is impassable legal security must adhere to the bottom line

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- an open letter to the implementation of the new "safety production law"
Responsible comrades of all enterprises in the country:
The party's eighth session of the fourth plenary session made comprehensively promote the rule of law of the overall deployment, it is significant strategic choice to Xi Jinping as general secretary of the central leading collective rule of manage politics, marks the construction of rule of law in China has entered a new journey. The new "safety production law" passed by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on August 31, 2014, will be implemented in December 1st. This is the rule of law in the field of safety in the specific embodiment of the safety, will comprehensively regulate the legal order of the safety of production, speed up the implementation of the strategy of safe development, and promote safe production situation is fundamentally improved. The law of Jack, must be awed, seriously follow.
Safety production is the foundation of enterprise's survival and development. Countless examples show that the enterprise is not the eradication of accident, accident will eventually destroy the enterprise, and the person in charge of the enterprise will pay a heavy price. New "safety production law" clearly stipulates, "to strengthen the implementation of the main responsibility of the production and business units, the establishment of production and business units responsible for the participation of workers, government regulation, industry self-regulation, social supervision mechanism." Require the person in charge of the enterprise responsible for the safety of the unit, we must improve the system, the implementation of the responsibility, security investment, strict management, strengthen training, promote the standardization of construction, improve the level of safety management. According to the production and operation of enterprises is the foundation, but also must fulfill social responsibility. The law, law enforcement must be strict, illegal. The life line impassable, do not touch the bottom line of the law. I hope you consciously abide by the law compliance, perform their duties responsibly, focusing on prevention, prevention of traffic accidents, promote enterprise safety development.
New "safety production law" runs through the "people-oriented, life first" high concept, which is to adhere to the "development must not be at the expense of life at the expense of" the "red line" of the inevitable requirement. The potential of enterprise development lies in employees. Every employee in the minds of the hope, is the hope that the development of enterprises, family happiness, can go to work, Ping Pingan home". As the person in charge of the enterprise, it is necessary to protect the safety and health of employees as the highest duty. Because it is not only related to the lives and safety of employees, but also a large number of family happiness, and even the social harmony and tranquility. To the staff when a loved one, as his brothers and sisters, with deep feelings about their safety and health, regardless of in any case, cannot ignore their lives to take risks, to safety first seed deeply embedded in the company and each employee of the depths of the soul.
Act line state, act relaxation in chaos. Law abiding by the whole people is the foundation of the rule of law. Each enterprise, each person must establish the rule of law belief, has become the rule of law the loyal advocate, the conscious observer, the firm guardian. Hope you earnestly implement the party's eighth session of the Fourth Plenary Session of the spirit, seize the new "safety production law" the promulgation and implementation of the favorable opportunity, joint efforts to promote the rule of law and to create a learning method, knowing, usage, law-abiding atmosphere, for the construction of rule of law in China, the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation to make its due contribution.
Thank you for your efforts in the safety of production. Wish all enterprise security development, wish every employee safe and happy!
State Administration of safety supervision
November 14, 2014

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