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First plenary session of the 2015 annual general meeting was held successfully

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The Jilin Province State Pharmaceutical Limited by Share Ltd
First plenary session of the 2015 annual general meeting was held successfully



Completion of a comprehensive well-off society, deepening the reform, comprehensively promote the rule of law, comprehensive strictly -- with Xi Jinping as general secretary of the CPC Central Committee made "four overall" strategic plan, opening up a new realm of governing the country. Non-public enterprises as the backbone of the socialist market economy, strengthen and improve the work of Party building in non-public enterprises, play a substantial role in non-public enterprise party organization, enhance the party's class foundation and expand the mass basis of the party, a necessary requirement to promote social harmony and stability.
In the situation of the overall strengthening of the development of the non-public sectors of the party building work in provincial government concerned, under the strong support of the municipal government organization department, Jilin Province Du Bang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as higher in our province the size of large, well-known private enterprises in strengthening the work of Party building plays a pioneer role model.
The Party branch as a team in the development and construction of the leadership of the company adhering to the high sense of responsibility and sense of honor, closely around the national development policy, social development, the party building work as a priority among priorities of the work, set an example of Party building work personally, called on all Party members to actively play a leading role in enterprise restructuring, focusing on the actual the reform and innovation, strengthen the work of Party building from the start to the ideological and political work for the pilot, in order to create a civilized enterprise as the goal, to be included in the work schedule, and seriously study the deployment of the spirit of the Ming Construction and economic responsibility target node construction contract, and gradually formed a working mechanism of the target in the same direction, the same decision, work with responsibility, synchronization, negative assessment of the integrated enterprise, actively play the guiding role of the Party branch in the construction enterprises.
2015 is the start to the year, reform and innovation of the year, July 31, CPC Jilin Province Dubang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the year 2015 for the first time all members of the general assembly in the party activity room held smoothly. The company has a total of 22 party members, 1 Party members, 18 people, people, 5 people absent. The main topic of this meeting is to study the party constitution, the Party branch work in the second half of the deployment, the meeting was chaired by the Party branch deputy secretary of the horse Jichen, the conference has three items on the agenda:
A study of the party constitution related content, to relive the party basic knowledge
As a party member must conscientiously study and abide by the party constitution, striving to become a qualified party members, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the company, company Party branch organization of the constitution of the Communist Party of China, the first chapter "members", Chapter Six "Party cadres", the seventh chapter "Party discipline", "Xi Jinping on clean government and anti-corruption struggle discuss excerpts of" the third part "strictly, strict party discipline were seriously study. Through learning and relive the party constitution, so I to the party's property, rights and obligations of Party members, the party's cadre of leaders of all levels must have the basic conditions, Party discipline and other content of a more in-depth understanding.
Two, arrangements for the deployment of the Party branch in 2015
2015 corporate party branches mainly around two aspects, one is to absorb the acceptance of outstanding Party members, give full play to the exemplary role of Party members, the two is to strengthen the construction of infrastructure, the establishment of Party members. The party is the main body of the party cells and Party activities, Party building is the foundation project of Party building. We should always adhere to the party's advanced nature, and constantly do a good job in the development and management of Party members.
Three, Dong Hui, Secretary of the Party branch of the new era of enterprise party branch work, and delivered an important speech
He stressed that the party builds the job to must be real work rather than a mere formality, to do the best of the non-public sector of the Party branch, steadfastly one step a footprint, truly implement the party building work, to improve on the existing basis. Secondly, in the system must Party member is preferred, give full play to the exemplary and vanguard role of Party members, Party members are the main force, the party is an example, all Party members should set an example, continue to enhance learning, enrich themselves and improve themselves. Finally, the Secretary of the Party committee to further emphasize the importance of Party building, to allow the Party branch to give full play to the role of Fighting Fort, to promote the overall development of enterprises.
Finally, Donghui Party branch secretary of Party branch of company of given high expectations, he pointed out that the company should take the scientific development concept as a guide, integrity management, to create brand, give full play to the role of the party organization, the general requirements is to grasp a center, two, three specific work. Grasp a center: the party organization is the center of all the work, to focus on the production and business activities, to serve the enterprise production, service in the company's overall stability, service in the party line. Two functions: first, the role of the Party branch of the Battle Fortress, the two is the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members. Three specific tasks: one is constantly learning, in accordance with the provisions of the party constitution, "three class system continuous learning, second is the development of new members, continue to inject fresh blood, third party members in their respective positions vying for outstanding Party members, under the leadership of the party to carry out the work, form a condominium party, industry groups and to make concerted efforts, boost the development of the company.
The members of the general assembly in the unity of thinking, a clear direction, played the excel all Party members together and struggle and Overture and write a new chapter for the healthy development of enterprises. "State of love and a bit" farewell in July into August, as though we saw enterprises all communists hold aloft the sickle and hammer, driving a red boat Nanhu in exit from, the stream splashing into the water, in the rough sea voyage...

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