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Dehui city party secretary Ma Yanfeng to corporate research

Number of visits: Date:2015-07-10 16:00:47

     July 7th, party secretary Ma Yanfeng to my company research, the scene to understand the status of the development of the company and other relevant circumstances. Party branch secretary Dong Hui and other senior leaders, the Department responsible for the accompanying research.
Research, Ma Yanfeng in-depth production line, visited the production workshop, the center of the laboratory, warehousing and logistics and other key areas, and the enterprise for many years has always been in accordance with the requirements of the national GMP standard operation. And stressed that the Dubang pharmaceutical as Dehui city of leading enterprises, to further develop and grow, develop thinking, innovative ideas, in the fierce market competition in their own unique way of development, so that enterprises to maintain stable development. To do a good job in market research, grasp the domestic economic situation, seize the opportunity to open up new markets. Should be strictly in accordance with national GMP standards, and constantly improve product quality, to create their own brand of products, to make greater contribution to the revitalization of Dehui economic construction. Finally, Dong Hui said the horse must be in accordance with the Secretary's instructions, continue to expand the scale of enterprises, the brand started topun. Continue in accordance with the requirements of GMP to standardize the production and to ensure product quality, provide quality products, to contribute to the public; and also for municipal Party committee, municipal government for many years of enterprise support, Dehui pharmaceutical industry leader, Dehui economic construction to make a greater contribution.
It is reported that the Secretary of the horse has to Damien sand town, development zone enterprises research, city leadership Wang Keyu, white pine and Wei, development zones related to leadership and the township streets, the relevant departments responsible comrades also participated in the survey.

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