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Dehui Red Cross to my company to carry out the well-being of the Changchun emergency relief campaign.

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    For the popularization and promote the first-aid knowledge and skills in the world, the Red Cross in 2000 will and Red Crescent Societies, the International Federation of September every year the second week six as "world first aid,". September 14th of this year is the ninth world first aid day".
June 3rd at 10 am, the Dehui Municipal Red Cross organized by the well-being of Changchun emergency rescue propaganda campaign to my company to conduct propaganda and popularization of training. Activities of the scene, respectively, by two health care personnel to explain the sudden disaster and accident rescue and emergency knowledge and skills of first aid and rescue two training skills. Training, the staff of the Red Cross also issued an emergency ambulance package, while introducing the use of methods and various parts of the body to stop bleeding methods such as emergency medical knowledge. The Red Cross secretary Lin long said that the self rescue and escape hedging techniques is citizens with the necessary life skills, and the popularity of the knowledge and technology is the legal responsibility and glorious mission of the Red Cross. Dehui City Red Cross will appeal to more people, especially young people, to join the ranks of learning first aid, a red cross Ambulance volunteers, harmonious society, work safety and health life escorts the Emperor convoy.
The training received good effect, not only improve the consciousness of first-aid and self aid ability, but also improve our understanding of the importance of emergency aid for learning.

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