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Large transfusion difficulties: enhance new technology value of bidding is awesome

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Basis for the infusion is the clinical use of the largest amount of product, but due to the meager profit, innovation and R & D input and output ratio is very low, enterprise technology to enhance the cost of short-term is difficult to resolve the market and block large infusion industry quality level of rapid promotion.
In the recently held "the quality of drugs and the clinical medication safety, transfusion safety topic discussion" on, the experts called for: attention to the transfusion safety, from the source to enhance the quality of intravenous infusion and clinical reasonable compatibility use, pay close attention to the adverse events.
Quality promotion proposition
As the liquid directly into the blood, instant (less than 1 minutes) can be distributed throughout the body, intravenous infusion in the domestic clinical treatment is a very important basic treatment. The data provided by the China Institute of pharmacology, a drug - induced disease study, showed that more than 70% of the hospitalized patients were treated with intravenous fluids.
"The current infusion mode is more than the carrier infusion, the infusion of more than 90% of the carrier, the carrier infusion led to heat and insoluble particles superimposed, easy to increase the risk of transfusion safety." China Society of pharmacology medicine source disease, vice chairman of the professional committee, said the Beijing Pharmacist Association, vice chairman of the Li Yuzhen, insoluble particles and excessive endotoxin increased infusion of one of the main causes of adverse reactions. Insoluble particles into the body capillary blockage caused by a variety of diseases, great harm.
From the production to the clinical aspects of the various links are likely to be mixed with insoluble particles, such as drug production links quality control is not strict, packaging materials, operating procedures, supporting equipment, the environment, etc..
"China Pharmacopoeia" for more than 10 m and more than 25 m of the insoluble particles in a limited, but not involved in particles of 2 ~ 10 m. And once 2 ~ 10 m insoluble particles into the human body, the discharge time even more than 20 years. At present, in many domestic children's Hospital and tertiary hospital, a precise infusion filter extremely popular, the main function of this product is filtered infusion within 2 m above the insoluble particles and visible foreign matter, such as impurities, this product in the hospital price is 20 yuan of above.
Li Yuzhen believes that this is not a fundamental solution, should be in the manufacturing process to improve the infusion of insoluble particulate control standards.
Break the excess capacity
The whole industry is facing a large infusion price pressure. Analysts believe that the province as a unit of the tender procurement continued to hold down prices, in the case of raw materials, labor, water and electricity and other production costs rise, the basis of infusion products meager profits. It is understood that 250 ml plastic bottle infusion tender price is basically 1.5 yuan. "A bottle of sterile saline is not as high as the price of a bottle of mineral water." Insiders Tucao, the price is too low, excess capacity, the majority of large infusion enterprises lack of technological innovation."
Digital medical network in 2013, the "big infusion preparation Market Research Report" shows that in 2013 the domestic large infusion of the use of a large number of bottles / bags, this figure in 2012 is a bottle / bag. And another industry statistics show that the current domestic through the newly revised GMP certified sterile infusion solution production enterprises more than 200, large infusion of more than 16 billion bottles / bags.
China Pharmaceutical Engineering Equipment Association, an expert believes that the current infusion industry ranked ten in the country has accounted for 80% of the domestic market share of the infusion to 70%, the first five probably accounted for more than 60%. With the health insurance control, management and control is not reasonable medication and other policies to tighten, large infusion products will also face further structural adjustment, sugar and salt and other basic infusion industry concentration will be further improved.
China Pharmaceutical Packaging Association Secretary General Cai Hong said: we appeal to the return of the market value of infusion products, can no longer use the price to measure market access."

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