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Talent concept: look at the quality, ability, and seek practical results

Enterprise development needs a strong human resources to ensure that the development of talent, growth is the basis of enterprise innovation, enhance the core competitiveness of the talent, "look at the quality, weight capacity, seek practical results." Topun focus on talent development and the improvement of the quality of the potential of the talent is the development and construction of company personnel training, enhance the business to create the "cradle of scientific research, technology, management, marketing, production class" four reserve personnel, the talent resources reasonably and orderly flow, constantly optimize the staff structure, fully meet the the company in the long-term strategic development needs, through the employee occupation development, promotion of the road "to help employees improve the occupation career, for all staff to provide more space for development, the company through the performance evaluation and incentive mechanism of science, and to encourage advanced spur lagging behind, a group of loyal, diligent, do people promoted to the right the post, in the rapid development of the company, but also provide more space to display their talent for talent.

As a participant of human health industry, with never ceasing to the spirit of innovation, and strive to build a talent team, welcome people of insight have both ability and political integrity of Du Bang company to join.


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